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As the plan to Trance-form the Earth evolves, other extraterrestrials join forces to bring you music that's out-of-this-world.
- Below are links to awesome mixes from friends of themadmixer -
name = Djmimie
email =

Genre: Electronic
Artist's website

01 -
02 - Chatbox
03 - Poker
04 - Casino
05 - Dating
06 - Stream
07 - Auction
Ben doing his thing :)
name = Bandzius
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Genre: Progressive House
Artist's website

Suffused Show - Progressive Technology

Suffused Show - Progressive Resistance
Hector Elementia
name = Elementia
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Genre: Electronic
Artist's website

01 - Elements of Sound
02 - Progressive House Mix
name = Alberto Pautt
email =

Electronica / Progressive / Trance
Artist's website
In The Cenit Episodes:

In The Cenit Episode: 10
In The Cenit Episode: 14
In The Cenit Episode: 28
In The Cenit Episode: 34
In The Cenit Episode: 35
In The Cenit Episode: 41
name = Ceaz Amaze
email =

Tribal Beats / House / Industrial
Techno / Trance
Artist's website

Ceaz Amaze Pres. Transation 11
Ceaz Amaze Pres. Transation 10
Ceaz Amaze Drumobile
Ceaz Amaze All sorts of Beats
Beam it to your friends
name = Dj Guille
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Progressive Trance / House / Trance
/ Goa
Artist's website

Nice To Meet You DJ Guille
An Angel's Love (Alex M.O.R.P.H.) MASHUP DJ Guille
Burned With Desire (DJ Guille Mashup) PREVIEW
The Master is Here DJ Guille
The Walls of Jericho Hella Hazard (DJ Guille)
name = MarceLO LOxXx
email =

Electronic / Trance
Artist's website

MarceLO LOxXx - Horizon of Peace (Original Mix)
MarceLO LOxXx - Grande Finale (Original Mix)
MarceLO LOxXx - Episode The Eyes of Trance v41
MarceLO LOxXx - Imagination of Trance (Original Mix) Redone
MarceLO LOxXx - The Way To Heaven (Original Mix)
name = Michele Cecchi

Electronic / Trance / Techno / Chillout
Artist's website

Michele Cecchi - Psystorm
Michele Cecchi - The Indi Garden
Michele Cecchi - Particles of Life
Rachel Margaret & Alex Torn - Buena Vista Park (Michele Cecchi)
Michele Cecchi - Upon a Star (Main Mix)